I know I promised international days, but I want to do a quick review of the museum we visited today.

Daycare for the little p was closed, and since the older P had summer camp Chuck and I decided that it would be a special day for little p. She does not get as much one on one time with us being the second kid and all. During breakfast at her favorite restaurant, Bob Evans, I started looking into where to go. I know, I know – cell phones at the table and why didn’t you do it the night before? Anyway, I came across the Chesapeake Children’s Museum and since it was $4 a person and only 26 mins away in the correct direction (those of you not from MD, a half hour in the wrong direction can be more of a 3 hour thing) we decided to give it a try, and I am very glad we did.

We got there a bit early. The place did not open for another 20 minutes, but there is a nature trail, and a cute little playground outside in the shade to pass the time. The staff showed up about 10 minutes before they opened for real and said we could come in early. It is not large or fancy, and I would not recommend it for much past 6 years old but little p is 3 and loved it. They have trains, a boat, blocks, a kitchen, a doctor’s office room, a dress up room, a music room, an art room, and a store set up. There are also a bunch of animals; turtles , snakes, fish, blue crab, bunny, and a chinchilla. There were not many other kids, so it was not jam packed like most kids places. I will say everything has a used look but was clean. There were not a lot of science things, it was all make believe toys and she loved it. If you have toddler and live in or visit MD, I would say stop over and give it a try. The staff is nice, the animals are chill, and the kid loved it.

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