Hi. I am wife to Chuck, mother to the two P’s, and a lot more. I love reading, games of any kind, music, and lots of other things. I have lots of hobbies (if you ask Chuck, too many hobbies). I am very competitive, but try hard to keep it under control. I believe in honesty and try to always be that way. This is amazingly hard to write. There are a ton of things that make up who I am. Some are good, some are not – but they are all me. Most of the time I like/love myself but like anyone I have self doubt and a bit too much guilt.


I try to pull inspiration for things from anywhere that seems good. I value honesty and I’d like to think that I am open enough to learn about things outside my direct experience. Trying to live with the understanding that we’re specks on Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot means that I want to help create an environment where our children are more aware of the person on the other side of the world than the political enemy on the other side of the world. Another inspiration comes from the Rush lyric from “Territories”

Better the pride that resides
In a citizen of the world
Than the pride that divides
When a colorful rag is unfurled

I will admit that I hate writing things like this because I feel it makes me appear pretentious and self important. In the end, my job is to sit here and try not to screw up too bad.


I am the oldest of the Ps at 13 years old. I am always full of energy and love learning about everything. My favorite things right now are reading, video games, dragons, DnD and insects. I love bright colors and the more mismatched the better. I also love to find out how things work. I have my own youtube channel and discord servers. I am very excited to have started to admin for a new game and hope to help create more video games in the future.


I am little p at 10 years old. I have tons of things I love to do some of my favorite things right now are reading, movies, singing, video games, cooking and painting. I love to create things and being a helper. I also love taking pictures and videos and am hoping to make movies in the future. I love harry potter, how to train your dragon and all the Disney princesses.


I am Amber’s mom. I am very creative and help to come up with lots of  ideas.  I show up to almost all the international days and am a big help with all the cooking and prep. I also join the P’s for dinner every Wednesday, which has been nicknamed veg night at their house. I love being a grandma and Amber says I am very good at it.

The Professor

I am the oldest at 14 years old. I am a little grumpy but very loving and caring. My favorite thing to do is sleep on keyboards and tell the humans what to do.


I am the middle cat at 7 years old. I am very fluffy and loving. I do not like to let the humans work and demand all the attention and petting.  I favorite hobby is chasing and yelling at my sister.


I am the youngest and newest addition I am less then a year old and just a crazy as my name. I still have the kitten crazies and love to play. I spend most of the day with Big P and little p. I also love to chase my sister and brother.

Kevin (on the left) Bob (on the right)

Kevin loves heat and lots of water. Bob loves a bit less of both but they are still very good friends.

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  1. Dina Wildey says:

    I think this is wonderful. As parents, you two are among the very best I know. As people, you’re honest, driven, and loving. As friends, you are the best. I’m blessed to know you.

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