Two years ago, I started thinking about how many people I interact with from other countries everyday. I am lucky my parents worked with a lot of people from different countries to do their job. They were self employed, which means said people came to our house so I got to learn a lot about other cultures and countries. I got thinking; how can I expose and teach my kids?

Travel was out; too much money and time. Dragging people home to tell my kids about their homelands seemed a bit rude and could even be dangerous – and depending on willingness of said people, could land us in jail. Long story short, my husband and I started doing “International days”. During these days we color flags, listen to music, read fairy-tales, drive the roads on Google maps, learn some facts about the countries/states and (everyone’s favorite) we prepare a big meal of homemade food from whichever country or state we have picked. Sometimes, if we can, we order dinner from a restaurant that specializes the area of the world to show the difference between homemade and restaurant food.

Over the last two years we have done 16 different international days and they have grown and changed. Now we are going to start a blog, to share and show all about these days. We will most likely yap about other things as well but everything needs a start and our blog starts with international days.

After a very long break ( a few years) we have come back to this blog. During that time we have all grown and done more things then can be listed. Amber got, fought and over came breast cancer. We built and moved into our dream forever home. We got a new cat. Big P is now in middle school and little p only has a year left of elementary school. International days have become less frequent but we are trying to start them again. Starting with international breakfasts once a week. We may post some of the things from the last couple of years or we may just post from now forward who knows.

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