First birthday cake for Dec

Last year for our friend Allison’s birthday I made her a Tardis cake

. 60 again 60

I learned from this cake that the chocolate cake that I normally make is not good for stacking, but it did survive a 45 minute drive and being carried into two different restaurants. ( since we got the wrong place at first) So not too badly done and it seemed to make her very happy. 🙂

There was no way I was going to be able to out do last year, so I went with simpler. There is a game that a lot of our friends play called Ingress. (Which I highly recommend that you start playing, just make sure you pick the green team.) Since she really loves the game I decide to make the cake with the symbol for the green team on it.

allison b-day cake allison b-day cake filled in

I think it kind of looked better before I filled it in, but ah well she loved it and it tasted great, so who cares right?

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