Third and final birthday cake in December

YES I made it. That was a lot of cakes for me for one month.
The last and final cake was for my wonderful friend who turned 40 this year. Last year I made her a dice cake. It was a bit crooked but I did make sure the numbers matched a real set of dice. It tasted good which is what really matters.

dice 2 dice

This year I remembered she has a great love of Penguins. Not that I could ever forget. ;). So I tried my hand at making a penguin, and lucky for me that cake pan I used for the dragon worked really well to make one. Well after I cut off a couple ears and arms. OH and making jet black butter cream is very hard to do. I ended up having to add cocoa powder to get the icing from gray to black.

I have a face feet all done all done 2the back end

He looks very angry(I never should have given him eyebrows) but he was well received. Although she was a little violent with the cutting.

cutting 1 cutting 2 cutting 3the end

All in all it was loved and devoured.

death of a penguin

Now what will I make her next year?

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