Slovakia Day

Today turned out great. The Ps and I started out the morning making kolacky for breakfast. We used some blueberry jam that my mom and I had canned a couple years ago. They were amazing and are definitely something we will be making again and again. The Ps would not even wait until they were cool to start eating. They just picked around the edges until they could shove them in their mouths. As we all sat and eat we talked over what it is like in Slovakia and the Ps learned what landlocked means.

IMG_20141018_083328 IMG_20141018_084159IMG_20141018_084418

After breakfast we were joined by Shari and started coloring flags and got the Jablkovy Kolac done.  That was sooooo good.

IMG_20141018_103601 IMG_20141018_103604 IMG_20141018_105045 IMG_20141018_113746

This was followed by the arrival of Chris and Misti,  which is when things really started to get moving. Everyone colored a flag today. p even drew what looks like an amoeba on the back of hers. P, not to be outdone, decorated all around her flag. Please forgive the spots; someone splashed food on them.

IMG_20141018_202239 IMG_20141018_202500 IMG_20141018_202509 IMG_20141018_202519 IMG_20141018_202539 IMG_20141018_202552 IMG_20141018_202558 IMG_20141018_203330

The next couple hours were a blur of cutting, mixing, boiling, and baking. Chuck found us a random Slovakia radio station which played – of all things – Coldplay.

IMG_20141018_113739 IMG_20141018_113748 IMG_20141018_114734 IMG_20141018_114736 IMG_20141018_114740 IMG_20141018_114901 IMG_20141018_114903 IMG_20141018_122831 IMG_20141018_124710

The food was wonderful and I would love to eat it all again and I think everyone else would agree.

IMG_20141018_124719 IMG_20141018_124722 IMG_20141018_124724 IMG_20141018_130925 IMG_20141018_130928

After lunch we pulled up Google maps and got to take a look into some of the cities and drive though the streets. The girls noticed that the cars seem smaller than here in the states and wondered if Chuck or Chris would be able to fit in them. They also really loved seeing some of the pictures that people had posted. P announced that it looks a lot like here.
I am happy to say today was a success. I am sad to say that we will not be doing another International day until after the holidays, but don’t worry. January comes fast and we have decided to do Japan to start off the new year.

Also, I am hoping to do posts about the days we did before we had started this blog. Oh, and December is a big cake month for me and Chuck has said he is going to do a post or two. So there will be posts going up. I know you were worried. 🙂

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