Sources and Ideas

I’ve had a few thoughts about putting “International Day” out into the public for review and scrutiny. I wonder if we’re getting something about a country wrong. I wonder if someone from a country is going to call us out on it – maybe angrily.

We use mostly web resources to figure out some local foods and get a bit of information about a place. We haven’t gone very deep into governments, history, conflicts, or anything. The closest language study is basically the streaming media we’re able to pull up based on a 45 second Google search. I have started to explore using some of P’s school resources to make sure that we’re going close to age-appropriate for the topics we touch.

Mostly, the days have been food-centric, and with good reason. Everybody has to eat.

One idea I bounced around without actually discussing it with anyone was maybe trying to learn one word or phrase from the native/local language of the place we’re “visiting”. Maybe “bathroom”, “I love you”, or “Can I please go dancing at the library with a porpise, Officer?” This might be a bit over the top for now, but maybe we can work it in.

Keeping an entire day entertaining for 3 and 6 can be a challenge; it’s a challenge sometimes for me to stay interested. If we can just keep adding places around the world that they have heard about, I think that’s a pretty good foundation.

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