Whew! What a day. Things were a bit rough for this international day. Normally my mom joins us, but today she could not make it; meaning one less hand in the kitchen and help wrangling kids, and to top it off the p’s were a tad off today.
I decided to do a breakfast as well as lunch for New Zealand. The P’s and I let Chuck sleep in and made pikelets which are kind of like pancakes only sweeter (no syrup needed with these.) The P’s really enjoyed mixing and adding the ingredients to them. We also cooked up some sausage and blueberries to add to them. It was a big hit with everyone and we will be adding this to our weekend breakfast choices.

breafast new zealandbig P little p
After breakfast, a bit of cleaning and a rest. The P’s and I were on to start lunch and the desserts. First we made Hokey Pokey, Then Kiwi crisps. The Hokey Pokey had the only ingredient of the day that was a bit hard to find. It is called golden syrup and is pretty much like corn syrup only made from cane sugar instead of corn.


I took care of the stove (even P is not quite old enough to cook sugar) but She loved watching it foam up when the baking soda hit it. (WARNING: do not use a good cooking sheet to make this.)
The Kiwi crisps were pretty much chocolate chip cookies, but you roll them in balls which made them a lot of fun for both the P’s.

H and P crisps
Lunch was Downunder Cheese puffs (baked blobs of cheese, egg and milk), corn salad (corn, peas, cucumber and onions), and Kumara chips (Yams/sweet potatoes with boiled then baked with a wonderful lime spice mix on top. Loved them). While I did some of the cutting and stove cooking, the P’s colored flags and listened to a radio station Chuck found that was streaming from New Zealand. My brother and sister in law showed up just in time to color a flag and eat a very yummy lunch.
New Zealand Lunchflag 3 flag 4 flag 2 flag 1

Can you guess who did which one?

Then it was on to driving the roads on Google maps and looking a some very amazing pictures taken by people who have traveled there, and learning a few very cool facts.

By the end the P’s were done but they did remember a few things. I think their favorite was that the people who live in New Zealand are called Kiwis.

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