Only one week till International Day Haiti

The countdown has started; International Day Haiti is next Sunday, which means I have to find and pick the recipes to make. This involves me opening 30 or 40 tabs all at once and pissing off my computer. For this International day, I have found what looks like a great website to help me. I try and find a breakfast dish, as well as the big lunch dishes, plus of course a desert. If I can find a unique drink, that makes that whole thing come together nicely. I also make sure that there is at least one vegetation dish. I like to plan ahead and have back ups because some of the ingredients can be hard to find. Haiti, for example, uses some fruits that are not an easy find here. Also, because of the kids the recipes with large amounts of rum had to go. They have no tolerance and last time ran their bikes into a tree. Keeping all this in mind the preliminary menu is as follows:

Breakfast: Labouyi Bannann (Plantain Porridge)

Lunch: jus papaya to drink. vegetarian-marinade ,  and Haitian pate with du riz cole 

Desert: tablet cocoye

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