International Day Brazil

I could just write this up and act like it has not been months since we posted, but we all know that is not true. Its been months and tons of things have happened, and I could come up with lots of reasons why we have not posted but that does not change it. So here is the post on International Day Brazil, and maybe we will write up the rest of it soon.

First, we were able to do something a little different for Brazil. We are lucky enough to be friends with a wonderful couple that spends a lot of time with the wife’s family in Brazil. We sent them a message about what foods would be good to make for a typical meal, and they were a great resource.

We started off with lots of fresh fruit for a light breakfast.

IMG_20150301_115216Chris and Misti showed up just in time for coloring flags after dress up of course.

IMG_20150302_183720 IMG_20150302_183731 IMG_20150302_183609 IMG_20150302_183650 IMG_20150302_183700 IMG_20150302_183710

IMG_20150301_115208Poor Shari broke her arm but she still manged to help out.

IMG_20150301_115751 Lunch was amazing, Fruit, cheese bread ( pão de queijo), Crispy potato salad (salpicao) with the chicken on the side of course, and a very yummy Brazilian Lemonade. We tried to make brigadeiro but we failed They tasted good but were way too sticky, and what we really did was make a very large sticky mess.

The rest of the day was spent driving the streets on Google, learning a few fact about Brazil and looking at some very cool pictures of the rain forest and beaches.

IMG_20150301_182535For dinner we made Picadnho’ A Brasiliera with black beans and rice. One cool thing about this dinner is that Chuck had eaten black beans as a kid and had never liked them, but he loved this meal. Since International day Brazil we have added them to our usual meals.

The following International day was Jordan and hopefully I will write in up this week or next but don’t hold me too that since both P’s and my Birthday are this week. Wish me luck.

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