International Day Jordan

Every international day we all learn something new. With Jordan both Chuck and I were very surprised and happy to find out that though the years Jordan has compromised a lot to try and keep the peace in that area of the world. This was something that neither of us had known and it was wonderful to learn.

Their culture demands a level of of hospitality I don’t believe we could handle. We read about tribes that require 3 days of hosting someone as a guest before you can even start to talk business. Having lived my whole life in the USA, I could most likely not coupe with that. We just run on a way too fast pace.

We enjoyed a lovely lunch of Jordanian Mansaf, Fatayer Jibneh, falafel, hummus (we did not make the hummus) and Kanafeh for desert.

IMG_20150419_074427 IMG_20150419_132303 IMG_20150419_132306 IMG_20150419_132309 IMG_20150419_134007 IMG_20150419_134010

We colored flags.

IMG_20150620_191209 IMG_20150620_191156 IMG_20150620_191149 IMG_20150620_191144 IMG_20150620_191125

Google maps was not a big help but we did find a lot of pictures that people had taken of Jordan and we read a bunch of facts and listened to some interesting music. All and all it was very nice for us as well as the kids to learn new things.

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