International Day Arizona

We picked to do Arizona because Chris and Misti were going there for vacation. I get asked often why we do states as well as countries, and the answer is that many states are as big or bigger than some countries. Plus each state has it’s own culture, traditions, and food. It seems like some even have their own language.

Since they had just gotten back from Arizona, Misti gave me ideas on what to make for food and they brought some yummy prickly pear jelly and tea for us to try.


We also had raw prickly pear, tomatillo quesadillas, Native American Fry bread, black bean and corn salad, and corn cake.

IMG_20150620_130256  IMG_20150620_130230 IMG_20150620_123248IMG_20150620_130227 IMG_20150620_130225 IMG_20150620_130741

p really liked the raw prickly pear but not so much the tomatillo. She let each person have a piece of prickly pear, and then she finished off the plate.

IMG_20150620_114440 IMG_20150620_114450

I know –  “Where is the meat?!” –  well don’t worry; we made up for it with dinner. We ordered carry out from Mission BBQ, meaning the food all day was amazing.

We colored flags.

IMG_20150627_152903 IMG_20150627_152911 IMG_20150627_152926 IMG_20150627_152935 IMG_20150627_152943 IMG_20150627_152949

Chris and Misti shared lots of pictures from their trip and even had some great stories to share. They took some beautiful pictures. We learned a few things about the insects and animal life in Arizona, and that a favorite quote is that mountain is not as close as you think it is. One of the things they told us about was a tour they went on that was down in a canyon. P was able to relate it to the cavern tour we had gone though earlier in the week.

Our next International day will be in July and it will be France. If you have a recipe, picture, or story please share.


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