Another Dr. Who cake

I am sorry to say that I have not yet watched even one Dr Who episode. But many of our friends are big fans of the series, and a couple of them are on the list of people who I try to make a birthday cake for every year. Last year for this wonderful girl I made a game controller cake. This year she requested anything Dr. Who. After some time I remembered that she had dressed as a Dalek for Halloween last year, and decided to give that a try.

I started out with the round topsy turvy cake pans that I own but had not used for anything yet. I did pound cake on the bottom and chocolate on the top to have the best of both worlds.

IMG_20150702_171428IMG_20150703_084546 IMG_20150703_085714

For color, I used the spray gold glitter. I then used sugar paper, molding fondant, and a little bit of brushed on glitter. For the appendages I used a very small kids whisk and 2 dowels with aluminum foil and fondant.

IMG_20150703_094913 IMG_20150703_095953IMG_20150703_102857 IMG_20150703_102900 IMG_20150703_102904

It was not perfect. It should have been taller, and I could have found a better way to do the vents; but everyone knew what it was on sight and the birthday girl really seemed to love it. Plus I think it was done in the true BBC way, which is, “hmmmm… what do I have around here that I can use to make this?”.

When it came time to sing I decided that it needed a hat, which I really think made the cake.


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