Turkey Hill Experience

I found out about The Turkey Hill Experience surfing the web trying to find fun things for our stay vacation. I thought it would be a factory tour type of thing. I was pleasantly wrong. There are some cams set up in the factory you can watch live but the real factory is 6 miles away. Good! This way no one can sneeze in the ice cream.

I really enjoyed this place. The staff was very friendly and really seem to enjoy what they were doing and interacting with the kids. We did the Experience plus the taste lab. Which cost$46.05 for 2 adults, one Junior, and one under 4. Not bad if you ask me, lunch can be more then that for the 4 of us depending on the restaurant. The taste lab is very cool everyone gets a pint of plain ice cream then you add one of the 15 flavors, some mix ins, and lastly a swirl of some kind. They encourage you to keep trying it to make sure it is right, of course. Then they put it in the deep freezer for 10 minutes, and to entertain you while you wait they give you a presentation on how all of this is done in the factory, which I found very interesting and the kids sat though very well. At the end of 10 minutes they give you the now hard ice cream and a spoon and send you on your way.

p making ic 2 p making icAs you can see, the kids loved it and so did Chuck and I.

The experience starts out with 2 fake cows you can milk. Don’t worry, it is just water.milking

There is also a truck the kids can climb on and pretend how to drive. Next up are the 2 tasting areas; one for ice cream and one for tea, lemonade and coffee. I did not know they made iced coffee and wow was it good. After this there is a very short film, and then you start the process of designing your own virtual ice cream, container, and then commercial . The girls were both very cute, but Chuck’s ice cream commercial was the best. If you listen you can hear me creaking up in the background. They also have a bunch of different things that teach about making ice cream but are really fun for the kids; a ball pit, a few computer games, and even a few matching challenges.

There are a few things to note. Go early, it got very busy around when we left. This is geared to kids, keep that in mind. That pint of ice cream is not going home with you. They will give you a lid but it will melt before you leave. This place is out in the boondocks.

All of this said the kids and us enjoyed this much more than I thought we would. If you go please share with us what flavor you make. 🙂

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